How Do I Make The Effects Of My Hydrafacial Last Longer?

August 29th, 2019 1:52am

How Do I Make The Effects Of My Hydrafacial Last Longer?

If you’ve treated yourself to a HydraFacial in Toronto, you’re probably currently basking in the newfound smoothness of your skin, even-toned texture and firmness highlighting the frame of your face. These incredible results brought by this innovative resurfacing treatment can last you anywhere between 7-10 days, but like all beauty and skincare treatments you want to maximize results and make them last as long as possible. 

Getting a HydraFacial in Toronto will cost you anywhere between $120-300 per treatment, depending on the clinic and the level of experience they have. In order to get more bang for your buck and get results to last as long as possible, it greatly depends on you and your level of due diligence post-treatment. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to make the effects of your HydraFacial last longer, start taking notes:

Practice Proper Skincare Habits

It’s always good to start with the basics. Wash your face at least once a day to help remove all make-up and dirt accumulated on your face throughout the day. If you use make-up, be sure to remove that first before washing your face as most soaps and cleansers can’t effectively remove it especially in areas around your eyes and nose. When it comes to cleansers, opt for ones that are salicylic or glycolic based as they can help prevent breakouts and maintain anti-aging results without being too harsh on the skin. 

In addition to a daily wash, be sure your moisturize your skin daily. Your HydraFacial treatment infuses the skin with antioxidants that rejuvenates you complexion, effects you definitely want to maintain with an effective moisturizer. On top of that, be sure to also wear an SPF to help prevent sun damage and drying of the skin.

Medical-Grade Skincare Products

Unlike many mainstream skincare lines found in your local department store, medical-grade skincare products have professional strength to maintain treatment results. The ingredients are higher quality and there’s usually much more of it found in the formula. Many active ingredients can be found in each product, and because they’re found in higher concentrations they’re able to penetrate the skin more deeply than just regular over-the-counter lines, therefore bringing out better results. 

Still not entirely convinced? Unlike over-the-counter products, medical-grade skincare lines are regulated by the FDA and any skincare claims that these products make needs to be supported by clinical reports and trails. If you’re unsure what type of medical skincare line is right for you, don’t be afraid to consult your dermatologist of skincare specialist. Depending on the type of skin you have and the potential ailments you’re looking to treat, they can help guide you towards the skincare line that works best for you.

Consistent Treatments

The best way to achieve long term results with your HydraFacial is through consistent treatments. The more often you do them, the better the results -- that’s especially true for those who are using the HydraFacial to help treat specific skincare issues such as breakouts or hyperpigmentation. In order to help get your skin in the best shape possible, it’s best to get treatments at least once a month. This gives your skin enough time to recover from each session by not irritating it by doing it too frequently. 

For those who can’t afford to get monthly treatments, an alternative would be getting a HydraFacial at the start of winter and spring. These are the two seasons in which your skin goes through the most changes because of the dramatic change in temperature but this is a treatment that will allow your skin to begin each season with a clean slate.

For more effective ways to make your HydraFacial results last longer, talk to your skincare specialist during your consultation. Keeping your best interests in mind, they’ll help give you the best tips to help make your smooth skin last.


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