How Hair Rejuvenation Works

July 14th, 2020 4:07am

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If you have been suffering from hair loss, there is no need to worry because the world of cosmetic treatments has innovated new ways for you to regain your metaphorical crown of beauty. 

Hair loss and hair thinning can be caused by various elements, including hereditary factors, hormonal changes, age, poor nutrition, and stress. Break free from these aggressors with the solutions offered by the medical specialists. 

One of the most effective ways to revitalize the growth and richness of your hair is Hair Rejuvenation. This revolutionary procedure stimulates the healing potential of worn out hair follicles by centralizing the body’s own growth factors and proteins. Hair Rejuvenation has been hailed as one of the safest, most effective treatments that reverse the thinning and loss of hair. 

This ingenious cosmetic wonder works by utilizing your very own growth factors and proteins. The solution is already in your body, Hair Rejuvenation just stimulates it to bring it to the surface. 

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The Benefits of Hair Rejuvenation Treatment 

The principal benefits of this cosmetic procedure is that it’s safe, non-surgical, and renders extraordinary results. Thanks to the function of utilizing the patient’s own growth factors and proteins, there is absolutely no risk of contracting infections or having adverse reactions to foreign tissue. 

Depending on the level of hair loss or thinning, patients will usually be able to see significant improvements with hair growth within 6 weeks. For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo 3 to 6 treatments. 

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The Three Steps in the Process 

Step 1 

The process starts with a component of blood that is obtained via a centrifuge. This is a concentrated source of platelets with diverse growth elements and other cytokines whose purpose is to repair damaged tissues in the body. Additionally, growth factors also contain mesenchymal stem cells that are vital in the process of tissue regeneration. 

Due to the healing properties found in your growth factors, it is used as a key unit in the Hair Rejuvenation treatment in order to promote hair growth. The proteins and growth factors nourish your hair follicles in order to assist in the development of new ones. Moreover, they aid in increasing the blood flow to the treatment site. 

Step 2 

After the blood is drawn by an in-house nurse, the specimen is spun by means of a centrifuge. This process isolates the necessary blood component. 

Step 3 

Afterwards, a topical anesthesia is applied to the patient’s scalp. Once this is done, the specialist will proceed to inject the growth factors into the subcutaneous layer of the scalp. 

Once the first treatment is complete, you’ll be glad to know that there is absolutely no downtime. This means that you can conveniently resume your daily activities without any interruptions.

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