How Often Should You Get a Forma Facial?

July 16th, 2019 6:39am

Forma Facial

Ever dream about having the results of a facelift without having to go under the knife? Now you can with one of the beauty scene’s latest skin treatments -- the forma facial .

Contrary to its name, it’s levels up from any facial you’ve probably ever had and produces results that you have to see to believe. Too good to be true? Find out for yourself! Read on to find out what all the fuss is about and why you should book your first forma facial session, pronto!

What Is A Forma Facial?

Don’t be fooled, this is far from your regular facial from your local spa. Forma facials use sophisticated Radio Frequency (RF) technology to penetrate deep levels of your skin to help stimulate the formation of new collagen. This helps improve the skin’s elasticity as well as firm up and tighten areas around the face so the end results looks sculpted and defined. The ultimate goal of the treatment is to help your skin’s natural radiance shine through and turn the clocks at some from the early signs of aging, and give you more youthful looking results.

The Treatment

One of the main reasons why this treatment is starting to blow up in popularity is because unlike the facelift, this is non-surgical and non-invasive -- so it’s ideal for patients who may not be a fan of the thought of going under the knife.

When used on the face, the treatment tends to focus on the cheekbones, jawline, forehead, brows and dark circles. A numbing cream is typically applied to the treatment areas to help ensure it’s a completely painless experience. When used to treat any delicate areas around the face, the intensity of the treatment is lowered to make sure no damage is made to those areas.

Quite possibly the most impressive thing about this treatment is it isn’t just used for the face. The technology can be used on multiple areas on the body including the neck, stomach, breasts, thighs and more. If there’s an area of your body that you think needs more definition, contact your local skincare clinic to see if the forma treatment can yield the results you’re looking for .

The Downtown

Many patients experience some sort of redness once the treatment is over, but that usually subsides within the hour. Because there’s virtually no downtime, this makes the treatment incredibly convenient as it allows patients to continue on with their day as usual once the session is over.

How Often Should You Get A Forma Facial?

Much like most skin treatments, the amount of sessions you get will depend on the type of results you want and how long you want them to last. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, patients can see impressive results after one session. If you’re considering to do it as a one-off as a little treat for yourself, you can expect your chiselled neckline and defined cheekbones to last you a couple weeks. If you’re looking for results to last long term, we recommend patients purchase packages of three or five. Treatments are followed up every couple weeks, with results lasting anywhere between 5-10 years!

If you’re looking for the ultimate pick-me-up for your face, contact Clinique De Mode  for your consultation today! They’re one of Toronto’s leading skincare clinics that provide some of the most sophisticated treatments in the city. See how you can reverse the signs of aging in just one session!

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