Is There Any Down Time To Forma Facials?

June 12th, 2019 12:50am

Is There Any Down Time To Forma Facials

The days of getting a procedure done and waiting days to recover at home are long gone -- at least for many treatments anyway! One that you can certainly add to the list is the Forma Facial . This little secret treatment is causing a stir in the world of skincare thanks to it’s dramatic results and zero-fuss, no pain treatment session. Now the big question is, what is a Forma Facial?

The Forma Facial is a non-invasive thermal skincare treatment that penetrates the deep layers of your skin with radio frequency (RF) and heat, which helps firm and tighten the skin around the areas being treated. As its name suggests, the Forma Facial  is typically used on the face to help your cheekbones pop, lift your brow bone and define your jawline, giving you a mini facelift effect without the actual facelift!

In addition to firming up and toning the areas around your face, the deep tissue stimulation caused in the treatment also helps with collagen development which helps maintain your skin’s elasticity and maintains your youthful results for longer. Sounds great, right?

What Can I Expect During My Forma Facial Treatment

At the start of your Forma treatment, your aesthetician  will apply a cooling gel and begin massaging your face with wand that transmits the RF to your skin. They’ll start concentrating on one side of your face, before tackling the other.

During the treatment, many clients report feeling a warm or hot sensation on the treatment site, but nothing that’s too uncomfortable. In fact, because of the motion of the wand, many feel like they’re getting a facial massage.

The treatment itself lasts about 15 minutes on each side of the face, after which the aesthetician will calm the skin with a cooling towel and proceed to wash away the cooling gel. To finish things off, moisturizer and sunscreen is applied and you’re all set and ready to go!

Results And Downtime

As mentioned easier, the results of the Forma Facial are immediate. Midway through the treatment, many aestheticians like to bring a mirror to the client’s face to show the difference between one side of the face against the other. Their reaction? Clients are usually left pretty speechless once they see the difference. While the “facelift” effect is subtle and natural overall, you’ll notice the dramatic results that it gives.

In addition to its firming effect, the Forma Facial can help with eliminating that double chin, take away the heaviness from your brow and give you some of your youth back. When it comes to downtown, there almost isn’t any with this one. Some clients report a little redness immediately following the procedure but that usually subsides in a matter of minutes once the skin has settled. Clients can go on to continuing with their day as soon as their session is done.

The most impressive thing about the treatment is the duration of the results. Unlike other skincare treatments where effects only last for a couple days following the session, the results of Forma Facial can last much longer. The secret? The more you do it, the better and long lasting your results will be. Packages are usually start at $345 and administered once a week or so, depending on the advice of your aesthetician. Once you’ve completed your treatment bundle, younger clients can see results last for up to six years, while older clients can feel “forever young” for up to a decade!

Other Benefits To Forma Facials

No matter what areas you’re considering, book a consultation with Clinique De Mode today , Toronto’s most trusted skincare clinic. Not only will they walk through the areas you want to target, but also walk you through the process and what to expect each step of the way. What else can we guarantee? #NoFilter results without the recovery time.


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