What's The Right Way To Wash Your Face?

May 22nd, 2018 5:14pm

Face wash methods

You’d think something as commonplace as washing your face would be pretty straightforward. Soap, water, towel and you’re done – right? Not so fast… there are actually certain steps you should follow if you want to ensure your skin is properly cleansed.

·  Wash your hands first. Not trying to turn you into a germaphobe or anything… we just want to make sure you’re using clean hands when you use them to wash your face. Otherwise, you’re just transferring any dirt or bacteria that’s on your hands onto your face.

·  Avoid using hot water. It’s time to put an end to using a steaming hot wash cloth when you cleanse your skin as hot water is very drying to the skin. Instead, use lukewarm water and a gentle, non-abrasive and alcohol-free cleanser. Apply with your fingertips instead of a washcloth or sponge that can be irritating to your skin.

·  Remove your makeup first. Make it easier to give your skin a thorough cleansing by removing all of your makeup first. Makeup remover cloths or a cotton pad soaked with micellar water usually does the trick. If you wear waterproof mascara, use an oil-based eye makeup remover for best results.

·  Wash after a workout. While sweating is a good thing in that it helps to release toxins from your body, it’s not good if it sits on your skin. Give your face a gentle cleanse with a non-irritating cleanser.

·  Exfoliate. How often you should exfoliate depends on how sensitive your skin is. A couple of times of week should be enough but cut back if you find your skin gets irritated. Also make sure you’re using a gentle exfoliant and not a harsh scrub.

·  Pat dry – but not completely dry. Using a clean towel, gently pat your skin dry. If you want a bit of extra hydration when you add your moisturizer, you can leave your skin a bit damp.

The key to washing your face correctly is all about being gentle. Lukewarm water, a soft touch and non-irritating products will go a long way in helping to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.


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