Why Forma Non-Surgical Face Lifts Are so Popular

March 20th, 2020 12:05am

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A lot of people yearn to look years younger than their age and look flawless as much as possible. That’s why there are various non-invasive facelifts and treatments that effectively give you the youthful vibrance you want. Most of these procedures can make your skin look tighter and overall enhances the elasticity of the skin to make you look younger. 

Forma facial in Toronto is one of the popular non-surgical facelifts options as it’s painless, effective, and has no downtime. In this blog, we’re going to cover the reason why Forma facial is such a popular procedure for youthful-looking skin. Keep reading to find out!

What is Forma Facial?

You’ve probably heard of Botox and the running meme about it as being too frozen to react, but did you know there’s finally an alternative to this procedure? A Forma facial is a non-invasive and non-surgical facial that uses radiofrequency in increasing collagen production and eventually lifts, contours, and tightens the skin to make it look youthful and radiant. Think of it as an ironing wand that fixes the wrinkles of your face through heat and light. It’s safe, it doesn’t use needles and you won’t have to worry about scarring.

It’s commonly used for people with crow’s feet, jowls, fine lines, and even arm flaps. If you’ve been struggling with these problems for a while now, our Forma facial in Toronto can provide you with exceptional service without the scarring and pain.

Why Is It Popular?

Compared to other non-surgical facelifts, this treatment is actually quite popular for most women as well as celebrities like Emma Roberts, Jasmin Sanders, and Elsa Hosk. It is non-invasive and the results are almost instantaneous - you can even notice the difference after the treatment.

It’s also more subtle compared to most non-surgical facelifts - there’s no bruising, bleeding, or even too much redness and swelling. It’s not irritating to the skin as there’s no penetration and scarring done during the process. Aside from relatively painless, it also looks more natural and is quicker than other non-surgical facelifts. Quick and easy, Forma facial in Toronto is quite popular and sought after by many people seeking to be young again.

How Does It Work?

This non-invasive facial uses radio-frequency and heat to induce skin contractions up to the deepest layers of your skin to promote collagen production. It increases collagen production by stimulating the formation of new collagen, also known as the building blocks of the skin, and eventually contracts the layers of the skin. It eventually improves the tightness and overall appearance of the skin without any invasive methods. 

There are various areas that Forma treats, but it’s commonly on the face and the most pain you can feel is slight warming and tingling after the procedure. But it disappears after a few days - commonly within the day - and usually, there’s no pain and you can continue your day afterwards.

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What Can You Expect From Forma Facial?

If you’ve decided to get a non-surgical Forma facial treatment for the first time, here are things you need to keep in mind:

Pre-Procedure Care

  • Before everything, make sure you reveal to the cosmetic professionals about the medical conditions you’re suffering from and what you’re going through. This can include cold sores, any type of skin allergies, fever blisters, recent peels, recent surgeries, and even pregnancy. 

  • Avoid tanning beds and tanning lotions two weeks before your treatment. Avoid sunbathing as well as excessive heat leaves the skin extra sensitive. This is for your safety as it might irritate your skin to push through with the procedure.

  • Skip on your nightly routine if the creams or serums you have contains Hydroquinone or Glyquin one to two weeks prior to your treatment. 

  • A few days before your treatment, shave the area you want to be treated for easier access. Make sure to avoid waxing or laser for now as it will irritate your skin and make it sensitive during the procedure.

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and try to steer clear of caffeinated drinks on the day of your procedure.

Post-Procedure Care

  • While it’s non-invasive, the heat will be enough to trigger a mild swelling in the area treated. To relieve the tingling and the warm feeling, put an ice pack on the area treated.

  • Expect slight redness on your skin for a few days. Ask for the best kind of relieving creams you can apply on the area to alleviate the tingling and reduce the redness. Makeup can be applied if the redness bothers you.

  • There will be suggested creams and treatments you can apply on your face if needed, but steer clear from other products that might trigger irritation. Keep this in mind, especially within the first 90 minutes of your treatment.

  • Use lukewarm water for your skin along with gentle cleansers for at least 3 days.

  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible, and if necessary, use sunscreen that’s above 30 SPF.

  • Consult our professionals about treatments that you can take and apply for your skin condition.

Contact Us

Our Forma facial in Toronto is available for your skin treatment needs and our team of professionals are willing to give you assistance to achieve your goals. We also offer different non-surgical facelifts that give your skin a youthful glow and tighter feel - an option to make it possible for you to look your best without surgeries and other invasive procedures. 

Contact us now and let us know what you want, and our team of professionals will give you what you need!

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